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Over 30 years of experience

We Value Your Concerns

Answering your questions rapidly will enable you to overcome any obstacles that may be hindering your ability to alleviate your neck/low back pain.

  • Does MSP cover my services?
    Unfortunately, the provincial healthcare payee known as MSP does not cover our services in full. If you qualify (household income of 30 k or less; on disability) it will cover $23.00 of our fees for only 10 visits. The visits are a combined service of Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage and Naturopathic services. In other words, you only get 10 visits per calender year in total to use any of the aftermentioned services. We will give you a reciept to recoop your cost from MSP but full payment is due at the time of service You can find the form for MSP reimbursement here: Reimbursement Request ( If you have further questions please call the office at 604-535-7373 or contact us by email click here
  • Does our clinic bill directly to third party insurance?
    We currently accept third party direct billing for Blue Cross Medavie (RCMP and DVA) , Pacific Blue Cross, Manual Life and Canada Life. Depending on your cap level and what is covered, additional payment for services may be required as a copayment or if a deductible is necessary In the near future we hope to be able to bill directly to other Extended Healthcare Insurance companies. We will keep you posted. If you have further questions please call the office at 604-535-7373 or contact us by email click here
  • Do We Accept ICBC Case?
    Yes we do. The B.C. government and ICBC have announced changes to auto insurance in 2021. Under Enhanced Care coverage, British Columbians injured in a crash will have significantly enhanced recovery benefits whether or not the injured person was responsible for the crash. What this means to YOU is for Chiropractic care your Initial exam and either 24 or up to 12 weeks of care is covered with no "Out of Pocket" expenses to you. You can now focus on healing rather than stressing about finances. To qualify you will need to have an ICBC Claim Number, Drivers License Number and PHN (provincial healthcare number - usually on the back of your D.L.). When calling to book your Initial appointment please let the front desk know that you have an active ICBC claim so we can forward the appropriate paper work. Please fill free to click on the video by Dr. Burge as he explains "Whiplash" injuries and what you can expect when using In-Joy Life Chiropractic and Laser Care to recover from your injuries. Others points you should be aware of: ICBC customers who choose to visit a health care provider that charges a higher rate than what ICBC funds will not be able to recover the user fees from ICBC for claims with an accident date on or after April 1, 2019. The patient is responsible for paying the user fee portion, which they may submit to their private health insurer for consideration of coverage. Treatments are based on sessions provided and fees reflect fair market rate for a standard industry visit. Treatment frequency will be based on clinical recommendations and should reflect best practice. Multiple sessions provided by the same discipline, on the same day, will not be funded. In the case of a no-show, the clinic's no-show and cancellation policies should apply. ICBC will not pay for no-show appointments Ready to book your appointment? Call 604-535-7373 or click Here to be redirected to booking page.
  • Do you have a current work injury?
    WSBC or worker related injury cases are covered in our clinic for both Chiropractic and Physical Therapy services. If you have a valid work related injury we will submit the necessary medical information on your behalf for what we hope will be a quick and efficient processing of you claim and provide therapy and guidance for returning back to your work and employment duties. To learn more about the WSBC process click link Factsheets - Province of British Columbia ( If you have further questions please call the office at 604-535-7373 or contact us by email click here
  • What to expect on your First Visit and Fees?
    On your FIRST VISIT, we will evaluate your Structural and Neurological Fingerprints, with the use of both our state of the art technology and Chiropractic Neurological Testing, YOUR current level of function and underlying weaknesses will be revealed allowing us to determine the root cause to YOUR current health issues. After determining this information we will then design a specific Brain Based Postural Correction Program that will involve Postural Corrective Rehab Exercises, Chiropractic Postural Correction Adjustments or complimentary therapies (eg Laser Therapy or Soft Tissue Techniques). You may be gowned for part of this exam. So please where comfort and/or athletic type clothing. Exam Fees vary from $97 to $297. Subsequent Visit Fees Senior and Student $52.00 Regular $55.00 Combined Treatment Visit $110 Laser Visits $35 to $95 per session (time dependent) ​ If you have further questions please call the office at 604-535-7373 or contact us by email click here
  • Our Cancelation Policy / Office Policy
    In order for us to provide the best service and care to our patients we ask that you please spend a few minutes to familiarize yourself with our clinic policies. SCHEDULING. In most cases a course of care has been specifically designed for your health issue. Making your appointments is paramount in the improvement of your health and well-being. We will give you a personal appointment calendar to help you become familiar with your dates and times that have been reserved for you. We will always schedule you out to your next Exam Time. MISSED AND CANCELLING APPOINTMENTS Please kindly give us 24 hours to Reschedule or Cancel your appointment - exception will be given for extenuating circumstances. Failure to do so will result in a charge to your account that is equal to either an Adjustment or Laser appointment time. Any missed appointment must be made up within 24 hours. After three missed appointments, your doctor or therapist may dismiss you from care. ICBC (MVA) INJURY In the event of a motor vehicle accident please let the front desk staff know right away. Additionally paper work and time with the doctor may be necessary. CELL PHONE USE Please mute or turn off cell phones upon entering the clinic. WCB In the event of a work related injury please let the front desk staff know right away. Additionally paper work and time with the doctor may be necessary.
  • What Type Of Adjustments Do We Perform?
    At In-Joy Life we realize that every person is there own unique individual and they respond differently to various forms of adjustment protocols. Therefore, we have added a number of techniques that can be used in combination or singularly to help reach a patient's health and wellness goals. ​ Techniques Available: Manual or "Hand" Adjustments, Torque Release (TRT) "Instrument Assisted", Active Release Technique (ART) "Soft Tissue Technique", Activator Method "Instrument Assisted" and Thompson Technique "Table Drop Assisted" ​ Adjunct Services: Laser Therapy, Acupuncture, Postural Rehabilitation, Neuro-Rehab, Posture or Muscle Tapping and Nutritional Support.
  • What Type Of Laser Do We Use?
    At In-Joy Life we use the Bioflex Laser System, developed by the Canadian Company MediTech. It is non-toxic, non-traumatic, and non-invasive. It is classified as a Type 3b laser that has a non thermal affect on the tissues. In other words they don't heat up on the inside. We will always start with an exam of the area to determine the diagnosis and the appropriate laser treatment protocols. The laser will promote exponential healing to alleviate rapid relief from neck/back pain, and/or sciatica pain relief. Furthermore, it will enhance long-term maintenance which can further provide a multitude of health benefits includiing improved balance. To learn more about Laser Therapy Click Here
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