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Knee Tech Support Pillow

Knee Tech Support Pillow

SKU: 364215376135199

Made with Advanced Space-Form


Many chiropractic professionals agree that although sleeping on your side is the best position for a healthy back, it cuases hip, back and knee strain. The solution is the Knee Tech Space Foam support which improves cervical positiniong by preventing the upper leg from rotating downward & distorting the natural line of the spine.

It's thermo-senstive properties respond to the body's natural heat, while the contoured design provides comforting support. Unlike regular pillows, the knee Tech has an elastic retainer strap which keeps the support in place - even during the deepest sleep.


    The Knee tech Support is considered a personal self-care device and for this reason it may only be returned within the first 30 days due to a manufactures defect. The warranty on this product is 60 days against breakage and defect issues. All instructions, box and the Knee Tech Support must be returned in order to receive a new product refund. No cash refunds are offered.

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