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30 Years of Chiropractic Wisdom: A Journey to Health Part 1

In my three decades of chiropractic experience, I've witnessed an array of patient stories, each with unique lessons that have helped me evolve as a practitioner. Some say as a healthcare practitioner you must keep your distance, that a “professional wall” as it is called needs to be maintained. But the profession of Chiropractic is different. It’s about life and the celebration of life. I have watched young patients turn into adults and have children of their own, I have cried with patients, been to weddings, attended hospital bedsides of those convalescing and even shared my memories at funerals. It's been a remarkable journey, one that has enlightened me on the true essence of health and well-being and the true nature of caring for others. In this 2-part blog I wish to share some of my observations and antidotes over the last 30 years. I hope you will enjoy the ride, like I have.

One of the most significant observations has been the tendency of people to wait too long to seek help. Many patients come to me when their pain or discomfort has become unbearable. The expectation they seek is to take a body that has suffered years of abuse to a normal state again, which in most cases can never be accomplished. I don’t blame the patient who shows up looking for pain relief with a skewed outcome expectation, but rather the system of healthcare we currently have in North America. It is a system based on “Sick Care” rather than preventative with an emphasis on individualized healthcare education. I've come to realize that preventive care and regular check-ups can be invaluable in avoiding major health issues. Sticking to a regular spinal care maintenance routine can certainly smooth out the bumps that life can throw at you.

Understanding that health is primarily an inside source, not an outside one, is another crucial point. Chiropractic philosophy emphasizes the body's innate ability to heal itself, and it's about optimizing the body's natural processes. The spine and nervous system play a pivotal role in this. By ensuring proper spinal alignment, we can enhance the body's self-healing capabilities, allowing it to function optimally. Can Chiropractic offer pain relief – yes. However, the true essence of Chiropractic is contributing to maintaining movement in life, improved posture, better coordination and muscle firing, and better neural integration of signals between the brain and the body. Just ask some of my patients who are in there 80’s and 90’s and still get adjusted on a bimonthly basis.

What I wish patients to understand is that health is a journey, not a destination. It's a continuous process of nurturing and maintaining your well-being. This mindset shift can help individuals embrace a proactive approach to their health, rather than being reactive.

Interestingly, my personal journey into chiropractic was not born out of back or neck pain but from a desire to augment my swimming stroke as a Nationally ranked swimmer. I wanted to move faster and smoother in the water, with less strain on my body. This experience showed me that Chiropractic care isn't limited to pain relief but can improve overall performance and quality of life. This experience shaped my paradigm of health and well-being and one I promote daily in the clinic with my patient base.

And then there's the delightful story of my son's first multi-syllable word - "Subluxation." At the wee age of three he was playing in the back courtyard when he fell off his riding toy. He cried for a bit and when we went to console him while asking what happened he said, “I fell on my bum and now I have a Sub-lux-ation.” It was so neat to see that we were installing a wellness paradigm already at the age of 3. It's a reminder to me that Chiropractic isn't just a profession; it's a way of life that can positively influence generations. And for those reading this and are not sure what a Subluxation is, in its simplest form is a misaligned vertebrae that interferes with the nervous system – the system you live your life through!

In my 30 years as a chiropractor, I've come to appreciate the depth of Chiropractic care and its profound impact on people's lives. It's not just about treating ailments; it's about embracing a holistic approach to health, understanding that it's a journey, and appreciating the power of the body's innate healing abilities. Chiropractic care is about more than just relieving pain; it's about enhancing the quality of life for every individual who seeks it. Stay toon for part 2 coming shortly.

Dr. Thomas Burge D.C., B.Sc. (Hon)

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